Our Staff

Crystal Stacy - Owner

I recently relocated here from Baltimore, MD to be closer to family. Peek-A-Boo Pet Sitting was established in 2006. I had a very successful pet sitting business there.

I have enjoyed the companionship of animals all my life. They have brought me joy, laughter, comfort and unconditional love. I want the opportunity to return that to your loved ones. I will treat them as if they were my own.

I've had many pets throughout my life. (Pictured below.)  I currently have a cat named Mr. Molesley I rescued since moving here.

I have a big heart and enjoy the "bully" breeds. I have to admit when I found out my sister was going to get an American Pit Bull Terrier I was hesitant. However, my heart was snatched and now I can't imagine my life without one. These misunderstood dogs need a voice. 

Mr. Molesley






C.T. (Calico Tornado)